Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Record Commute

I'm really loving my new 160 psi Vredestein Fortezza tires. That and taking a week long break from cycling has helped my legs to rest and recover, and grow even stronger. My quads are getting even more defined. I've improved about 23% over my average speed on my way home today. 13.1 miles in 35 minutes leaving Ktown to my house. Oh yeah, it was Sunday evening with hardly any redlights to slow me down, so that really helped as well. It usually takes me 45 minutes to commute those 13 miles from my house to Ktown. I hope it's just not a fluke and that I've broken my plateau in terms of my training. I really want to push myself to the next stage and level up.

I know I'm just a Lance Armstrong wannabe and that I'm just a kitty cat compared to those Tour de France tigers, but that time is faster than the average rush hour commute to the same place by car in L.A.

When Tour de France time-trialists go 10 miles in 20 minutes, they don't have to watch out for cars, stoplights; carry a heavy-ass 20 lb. backpack full of clothes, my lunch, shoes, etc.; have less uphill to climb; less potholes to deal with; better, faster, more expensive bikes, more training, more muscles, higher VO2 max, etc. Those guys average 30 mph which is insanely fast.

In the past, I actually had dreams of passing cars on the freeway at night going 80 mph+. That was quite a rush, but only a dream....