Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fargo Street Hill Climb


Check out the video clip from Time Warner cable about the annual Fargo Street Hill Climb.

You can see me mountain biking up the hill for a couple of seconds.

I just climbed up a couple of times, because I had to hurry back to church to teach Bible Study.

I climbed all of the hills on Fargo Street last year on my time trial bike to train for this. On my very high geared time trial/triathlon bike, it was very tough climbing up. I had to give it my all and fell several times. It's very tricky to switch back while riding up.

On my mountain bike, it was pretty easy. I put it on the lowest gear, but I think it was too low. I was spinning pretty fast and that caused my breathing to rocket sky high. I should put it on the second to lowest gear next time.

I hope to climb this hill several times next year.