Monday, December 29, 2008

YN Cycling

Sorry my blog hasn't seen too much action lately. I've been either too busy, lazy, or have been leading a boring life. Perhaps it's been a combination of all three of those things.

I've been way too behind in my blogging (among other things) to remember what to blog about, but I do want to update my YN Cycling rides.

The YN Cycling Team has been riding every Saturday in December after about a 2 month hiatus since our big ride to San Diego. We've done some rides from the Rose Bowl to beyond Duarte, rode from Malibu to almost Camarillo/Port Hueneme, rode in Palos Verdes, and rode from the Rose Bowl to Tujunga.

It's been really chilly in the morning. I put on my long sleeve jersey and cycling pants, but it's still cold. When I wake up before dawn, it's been in the 30s. However, just after a few minutes I start sweating from cycling. I've also been running to church too. My legs are getting stronger too. I've been getting to church faster and my legs don't hurt as much after the half-marathon distance run to church.

All the rides have been fabulous and very scenic. I made my personal best in terms of distance was the ride to Malibu. I rode 141 miles that day. My second longest ride was 120 miles. I made myself ride a lot more as training/punishment after the Montrose Pro ride. In that ride I was disappointed in myself for not keeping up with pro and amateur racers. Now I believe, I'm in better shape and am more experienced enough to keep up with them.

I ride to all the bike rides to get in a lot more extra miles. Malibu is a huge area that is about 20 miles long along the Pacific Coast Highway. From Malibu we rode past Port Hueneme almost to Oxnard. Then, we started heading inland to Camarillo and rode along the strawberry fields.

We always have pretty good lunches afterward. I totally pigged out after the ride to Tujunga. We had a big uphill climb that wore all of us out. I had a extreme huevos rancheros lunch that was probably 2000 calories or so. But, I felt I was entitled to pig out since I burned so many calories. According to's calorie counter, I burned over 8000 calories riding at race pace for 8.5 hours.

I still need to keep my eating under control. I think I gain weight since I get so hungry from exercising. Hopefully, it's muscle instead of fat that I'm gaining.

If I keep my overeating at bay and cycle more, I should be unstoppable. I need more self-discipline though.


Lois Grebowski said...

Keep cycling!

David Kim said...


Thanks! I will!

Portia said...

Good gracious! Somehow I think that those "amateurs" were more experienced than the term lets on. It's very inspiring how you push yourself to the limits, and enjoy making personal progress. Weren't you considering a triathlon as well?

David Kim said...


I still plan on doing a triathlon. Unfortunately, most triathlons are on Sundays and they conflict with my Sunday School responsibilities. I can't get out them either, because my wife won't let me....