Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holy Eve

Everyone had a blast at the Holy Eve celebration on Friday, October 31. We had a rousing worship and praise time. Then, we had delicious snacks. Finally, we had a night of fun relay games.

Most of the pictures are of children praying since it was a lot easier to take pictures of them when they're sitting still. The pictures of the games turned out to be too blurry due to shutter lag and speedy kids.

Celebrating Holy Eve at church with our friends was so much better than going out and trick-or-treating. It was a lot safer and wholesome than wandering out at night in dangerous neighborhoods.

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Portia said...

I'm catching up on your blog. So far you've had me cracking up with stories of cat orgies and too much to do with too little sleep. You can pull energy out of thin air!

I love these pics, especially all the little girls in the dresses, they are too cute!

David Kim said...

Hey, Portia,

Nice of you to stop by again despite your extremely busy schedule.

I hope you're doing well.