Monday, October 27, 2008

Honda Ya Japanese Restaurant

On Saturday, Sarah and I had dinner with Andy and Ayako. I haven't seen them since their wedding back in March. These days it's hard to meet up with friends since our schedules are so busy. We met at Honda Ya in Tustin. The food was good, but Japanese restaurants usually don't give enough food for me. I could eat those $6 sushi rolls in one bite. Afterward, we ate at Yogurtland. I liked the fact that you could make your own cup of frozen yogurt from the big variety of flavors they have. It's cheaper than Pink Berry's, but Sarah likes Pink Berry's better than Yogurt Land. Then, we went to a pumpkin patch and saw some farm animals. We went grocery shopping at the new Korean H Market and bought some food. Earlier that day we bought a lot of stuff, ran some errands, and bought an ottoman at a furniture store.

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