Friday, August 15, 2008

South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Thanks to Christina KangMi Yoon, we went to South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula Wine Country. We had a blast there. It was one of the best hotels we've stayed in. It was definitely the best room we've had. We loved the bathrooms with the jacuzzi bathtubs.

We tried to do everything there was to do there despite being exhausted from the week before when we had VBS. I'm still tired and am now suffering from a cold. I don't think I've ever had a cold during the summer. I'm heavily medicated thanks to my pharmacist wife.

We went to workout at the gym twice. We went wine tasting too. Even though we're both not wine drinkers, the wines there tasted pretty good. There were a lot of people there tasting the wines also. I liked the sweeter wines when just drinking. The heavier wines would be better with a meal. Afterward, we went to eat sushi. We also ate some sushi for lunch. We also went swimming and hung out at the hot tub.

Temecula is quickly becoming a world class wine country. There are a lot of good wineries there and they have won many awards.

Even though I was super tired and was in a lavish room, I hardly slept. It's probably because it wasn't my room and my bed. I'm a very light sleeper and have a hard timing falling asleep. I wake up at the slightest sound. It may not be good for resting, but I would probably have made a good guard if I lived during the cavemen times.

We also stopped by my old office and said hi to my previous co-workers. Then, we stopped by the Lake Elsinore Outlet and bought some stuff.

During the evening, we went out to have dinner at BJ's for my mom's birthday. They have good food and have lots of tv's.

On Wednesday, my dad had his second back surgery. Hopefully, his back will be okay now. He's recovering at home.

I've been watching the Olympics in amazement. I can't believe how every world record is being broken, especially in swimming.


Portia said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! (I'll have to come check out the videos later, cause I'm at work.) Very nice pictures, love the blue blue skies.

I hope you're feeling better now, and your dad has a simple and speedy recovery!

David Kim said...


About 10 days after I first got my cold, I am feeling better. I still have a little bit of nasal drip though.

My dad seems to be okay. I hope he doesn't need another back surgery.

I don't want to sound conceited for living in Southern California, but I'm sick of the sunny days. I love it when the skies are overcast. Just like that song, "I'm only happy when it rains." People say I should live in Seattle, because it rains so much there. If I live there, I might complain about the rain too. I'm still recovering from my heat allergy that I first got a couple of years ago. That's probably why I like it cooler.