Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost Season 4

What'd you guys think of last night's premiere of Lost? I thought it was pretty awesome. The only thing is whether or not they'll be able to answer all the questions about the island before the show ends. They introduce new mysteries every episode, and they haven't explained all the stuff in past seasons. I think the storyline is intriguing and the mysteries really get people hooked. It might be frustrating for some, but once they answer the puzzles, it's really anti-climatic. It's like knowing the secret to a magician's trick.

It's like J.J Abram's previous show, Alias, where they had mind-blowing concepts introduced in each episode. When the show finally ended and they explained that Jennifer Garner's mother was the leader behind a New World Order, I found it to be unsatisfying compared to the first season where every episode had an incredible cliff-hanger.

Going back to Lost, it seems like the writer's have been making things up as they go along each episode. Sometimes, they try to introduce things that will really wow people. But, they can't always seem to keep it up, hence season 3 where not as much happened.

They've shown us a lot of things that still needs to be answered satisfactorily. What is that black cloud-like monster? What is the significance of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42? Why do all the pregnant women die on the island? Etc.

I think Lost is still the best show on tv.

Did you see the Oceanic Airlines commercial on ABC? It goes to a link:

After the online commercial, it leads you to another website: is a fun internet game where you play as a guy who is trying to find what happened to his girlfriend, a stewardess on Oceanic flight 815. Try it. It's pretty clever.

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