Friday, May 11, 2007

My Car is an Accident Magnet!

This morning while I was trying to get gas at an Arco station, some old Hispanic guy hit my car and scratched up the passenger side. I was at the attendant's trying to pay for gas. I paid $30 for regular unleaded at $3.3199 per gallon. I heard my car side mirror being hit and I saw him trying to squeeze through scratching my car. Dammit!

I got his insurance information and said I would give him a call later. Hopefully, he'll pay up quickly.

This happened shortly after I got my car repaired and painted from my last accident when my parents' neighbor hit my car. Now, I have to get it painted again.

Well, I did get scammed by some guys saying they would fix and paint my car for cheap last time. I should never have trusted them. I didn't know much about body repair so I fell for it. They got some equipment out and showed me how they would fix the door. It looked like it was working when they were pulling out the dent, so I said okay. Man, they did a crappy job. My car didn't look that much better than before they started working on it.

Our Hyundai has been hit by so many people. There are dents and scratches on it everywhere. I don't know why people keep hitting it. Maybe they think it's ugly and don't care what happens to it. They think that they can hit it and it would be okay. I'm not happy with people hitting it though. I get mad even when birds poop on it. Some @$$hole scratched a small Nazi sign on the back of my car.

As time goes by, it collects more dents and scratches on it. That's why I'm afraid to buy a new car. I'm scared that once I get a nice Ferrari or Porsche, someone will scratch it. I can live with people scratching my Hyundai. I think I'll blow my lid if someone scratches my Lamborghini. That's the good thing about having an older car. You don't get as upset as when someone scratches your brand-spanking new Mercedes. Our new Honda Accord has already received some door dings on both sides. Arrrgghhh!!!! I don't think any car that I've had has escaped from people scratching up or hitting it. Don't be too anxious about getting a new car. It'll be old and used right after someone dings it. . .And that will happen sooner than you think.

Now, I had to miss ToyotaFest because I had to go get estimates to fix the car.

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miyon said...

Someone scratched a Nazi sign into your car???? That's low. WTF is wrong with people?