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Monday, June 11, 2007 


After eating a ton of peanuts and after eating dinner at Hanashima, I barfed up a storm. I've got to control my eating. I think I eat too much. Once a food container is open, I eat until I finish it. It must be ingrained in me since childhood. I remember when my mom used to say that if I throw away food, my grandfather (god rest his soul) will punish me from heaven. Ever since then, I tried to eat everything on my plate. I didn't know that peanuts had so much fiber. After I ate half the peanuts from one of the large peanut containers from Costco, I read that peanuts are a good source of fiber. Dang it! Too much! I was really full and I kept going to the bathroom. Then I went to eat dinner at Hanashima Japanese restaurant. I didn't feel like going, but I took Sarah there since I haven't had time to go out in a long time because of work. I ate some spicy tuna rolls. They must have been bad, because I puked when I got home. Since I'm not a bulimic, I don't like barfing. I feel like dying when I'm blowing chunks.

LMAO. You're funny...

Thanks, but I really do eat too much...

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