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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

Power Slide


These guys have excellent car control. They have to get their car tires to lose grip by a number of different drift inducing techniques, including power oversteering, and then have to control their cars driving sideways through the turns.

Awesome! We used to have a Supra that my husband loved drifting. He will love these videos.


That's pretty cool that he used to drift in his Supra. That's a sweet car. Did he drift when you were in the car?

Oh yes he did, it was a blast. He has a favorite turn to take in every town we have been to:)

I would take a Supra over any other car any day...the newer one is my "dream" car.

I hope you and Sarah are well!


Wow! I can't believe he used to drift on public roads like in the videos! Your husband must be really good. I would be afraid of wrecking the car or getting into an accident. He's lucky he didn't get a major ticket.

I love the 1994-1998 Supras. Maybe they'll make a new one in the future.

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