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Monday, August 06, 2007 

Japanese Garden

Sarah and I went to a Japanese Garden in Little Tokyo on Sunday. Now, she wants to make a garden like this when we buy a house.

Hmmmm, and I wonder just who that person is that will help her?!? hehe

Hi David. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook a lot of Korean food, although my mom is slowly teaching me. I can make kim bop really well, and I can also make this pork dish that has hot boiled kimchi in it. My mom is an awesome cook, although it differs from many Korean restaurants I have been in. She is probably just old school when it comes to cooking. We have lived in the states for 30 years now (I am 33), and my mom has never been back to Korea yet. We are going in 2009. I am planning on adding you as a regular and plan to come by frequently to read about your wonderful life.

i bet it will be beautiful. i would love my garden to have a water feature, with smooth stones and narrow walkways...


That would probably be me. :p



Hey, we were born in the same year, the year of the Ox.


I don't like gardening because I don't like yardwork. Ever since I was a kid, my parents made me do yard work. That was a lot of work b/c I had to cut down trees and get rid of weeds, etc. And we had a lot of plants on our property. Sarah will probably make me do the brunt of all the work when we get a garden. Grrr......


You need to recreate your blog again! How am I supposed to post flame war inciting comments on your blog?

Hey David. I am actually a tiger. I was born in 1974. :)


My bad! I'm so confused these days, I forgot what year I was born in. I was born in 1973 not in 1974. I don't know why I confused the years. Perhaps it's because we are the same age, currently 33, right?

Who would win in a fight? An Ox or Tiger? I hear that some Oxes are pretty ferocious. I'm probably the lazy cow type of Ox. :D

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